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“Freunde von Freunden” (Friends Of Friends) Visit Bent Angelo Jensen

Who always wanted to know what the house of Bent Angelo Jensen looks like? We did. Now it’s possible. Because Freunde von Freunden has visited the extroverted designer of Herr von Eden at home.

We’re learning: Jensen has the best alcohol in the closet. Art on the wall. And, as expected, numerous suits in the closet, too.

Bent, are you originally from Hamburg?

No, I moved here. I have lived here now, with breaks, for 15 years. Two of those years I spent in Copenhagen. I began to feel like a real native of Hamburg since the second year of having been here. It was right after having spent christmas in Hamburg for the first time. Before that, I would always go home for the holidays.

More pictures, more questions and more answers at Freunde von Freunden

Von: David



A very beautiful Sweater for this very shitty Weather: HENRIK VIBSKOV Fall/Winter 2014 Sweater

The good thing about the current fall/winter-weather is, that one is finally allowed to wear clothes from the current fall/winter-collections. For example this really beautiful, and surely also really warm jumper by the Danish designer HENRIK VIBSKOV.

Not so good about the current autumn/winter-weather is by the way: everything else.

Well, we do not want to complain. As long as we are wearing that jumper.

You can order the sweater for an absolutely okay price of 250,- Euro, for example here

Von: Julian




Yo, what up! DandyJakob hanging in his new jumper Picture by @paul_aidan_perry





MURKY Jewellery

Behind MURKY Jewellery, there are Mike Årsjö and Emelica Lidman. The designer-duo is living, designing and producing in Stockholm, they studied at the well-respected Royal College of Art in London and at the Konstfack in Stockholm.

2013, the founded MURKY Jewellery. Since then they design minimalistic, gloomy jewellery, which (mostly) is made of oxidised silver. The current collection holds finger-jewellery, which, so the creators, should serve the spiritual protection of the hand.

The hot jewellery by MURKY is available at XXX Berlin and at Platina Gallery in Stockholm!