KINDER & TANK: Perfect, super soft white t-shirts

Usually I am not really someone who gets excited about any new fabrics or materials. I simply don’t care.

Design, cut, prints and of course the brand play a much more important role for me than how the fabric feels.

However, this simple and idiotically materialistic point of view was shaken up completely.

A few days ago to really nice guys with the last names Kinder and Tank (fantastic! – in both the German and the English version) gave me a t-shirt of their label KINDER & TANK as a gift. The label’s name was chosen with the highest level of average creativity. Nothing special you would think, just a white t-shirt. Then I touched it though and was blown away by its feel. The shirt is as soft as a massively oiled-up pair of balls and immediately felt very nice in my hand.

Once I had put it on the first impression was confirmed: The fabric is insanely great, super soft, and very pleasant – like a second skin.

Allegedly the fabric is being won from the wood of European beech and even more allegedly grandmaster Rick Owens also uses the stuff.

I still don’t care obviously.

I am just happy to finally own a new favorite white shirt. As we all know every man needs a White-t-shirt-favorite-brand to rely on. Mine is now KINDER & TANK.

If I understood correctly the two guys are already working on an underwear collection. That would be no less than sheer insanity.

I can’t wait for this super soft fabric to wrap around my lower parts.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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