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Kanye West won’t do a fashion show this season!

There will be no Kanye West Fashion Show in Paris this season. The Rapper and Fashion Lover West showed his first Fashion Show a year ago. 

The Feedback was not really positive. called the debut of Kanye West “Baby Balmain”. But also the sales figures are not really proper. Only one shoe got sold. 

It is unclear, how his fashion line is working out now. But if there is no future for Kanye West’s fashion, he still has his music and Kim Kardashian. 

Image via TheCut

Von: David



A very beautiful Sweater for this very shitty Weather: HENRIK VIBSKOV Fall/Winter 2014 Sweater

The good thing about the current fall/winter-weather is, that one is finally allowed to wear clothes from the current fall/winter-collections. For example this really beautiful, and surely also really warm jumper by the Danish designer HENRIK VIBSKOV.

Not so good about the current autumn/winter-weather is by the way: everything else.

Well, we do not want to complain. As long as we are wearing that jumper.

You can order the sweater for an absolutely okay price of 250,- Euro, for example here

Von: Julian




We wouldnt wear this like ever. And even @annabmueller would only wear this if there was a pizza on it. This weeks ugliest shirt comes from Raekwon X Alife.