Just peanuts: ADIDAS-Kanye-Deal

If you trust in rumours spread on the internet, like we do, you will find out that the costs for the ADIDAS deal with Kanye West, are around 10 million US-dollars. 

This is how much rap the sport-shoes-and-more producers are putting in it, according to Daily News.

At first it sounds incredibly much – but in comparison to other cooperations with superstars, run by ADIDAS, it is not more than: a joke.

Only the deal with basketball player Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls, did cost them 260 million US-dollars. 

And what can we learn from this? High fashion, lifestyle and the hype about Kanye, might be interesting for us fashion-dogs – but for big players like ADIDAS, this presents peanuts. Somehow a relief to know, that our bloody department turns out to be not as important as we always like to think

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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