Judgement Day: “Church”

After a winter break roughly lasting 3 years, Judgement Day is back. That’s the show where people who are not exactly involved with fashion have a go at assessing it anyway.

During Poland Fashion Week we visited a Sunday mass in Lódz to ask the Catholic community for their opinion on my outfit.

Their verdict was surprisingly merciful. Except for an old lady who thought she could clearly recognize a swastika on my chest, people were open-minded.

For the new episode of Judgement Day I am wearing an ADIDAS basketball jersey, wideleg-pants and jacket by WEEKDAY, shoes by SONGZIO, vintage sunglasses, a Jewish hat and a kippah. A crazy mix of Orthodox Jewish and American sportswear.

The outfit was already featured in our category Look du Jour.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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