Joyrich x Giza: ‘Bling-Bling-Hieroglyphic-Pop-Art-Fashion’

JOYRICH again has got together with the ‘Queen of Harajuku’:

Mademoiselle Yulia is not only rocking as a DJane, singer, It-girl, now she is also a designer, and designed a collection together with the hyped LA store JOYRICH: JOYRICH x GIZA. It is already their fourth collaboration. 

What you see are sporty looks with XXL-logos- and hieroglyph-prints. YULIA seems to be a fan of the antique Egypt. A true hint herefore would not only be the name of her label (GIZA), but also her aesthetic. In her design you find a lot of egyptian elements. 

Tutanchamun and his gang surely would have been amazed by YULIAs ‘Bling-Bling-Hieroglphic-Pop-Art-Fashion’:

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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