Jim Beam Honey – interactive bear hunt!

There are traditions we have to preserve. No matter if rebel teen growing the first pubes or old wise man growing bald. The tradition of pre-drinking is essential.

So before the Dandy Diary Closing Party in Copenhagen we of course had a few shots beforehand. To be exact it was a bottle of Jim Beam Honey that we used as highly professional preparation for our DJ set.

No we haven’t been drinking this since we were kids. Jim Beam Honey caught our attention with this clever stunt that spread around the Internet via youtube.

Two “alive bears” are hanging out in their natural environment, a shop window in the city center, inviting passersby for a Jim Beam Honey tasting. Suddenly however, the drink gets stolen, the viewer now has to jump in and help the bears retrieving the bottle “Schnappo”.

The result was a super modern, limit-pushing, never seen before interaction between human beings and animals. Spectators turned into actors, see here how:

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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