Interview: Walter van Beirendonck

While David went to Poland to partake in the Fashion Week there, DANDY DIARY family member Philip von Mollenkott and myself went to Belgian diamond city Antwerp for a few days.

There, we did not only meet some very interesting international bloggers as part of the (attention! very modern!) #fashionantwerp, but also the almighty, the god of Antwerp – Walter van Beirendonck.

And since we’re nice lads we just briefly asked the full-bearded-bald guy a few general questions:

DANDY DIARY: Walter, dude, as you know we’re from Germany. Just like Karl Lagerfeld. Surely, you know him. But do tell us: do you know any other German fashion designers?

WALTER: To be honest: No. I am here in Antwerp with all my heart.

DANDY DIARY: Hmm, ok. We understand. But maybe you should come to Berlin at some point and have a look around. Then you could also go to Berghain. You would fit in there very well.

WALTER: Oh yes, I should. I love Berlin. In the 1970s I used to go to East Berlin a lot for private visits, and then again in the late 1990s. It’s been a while. Mhh, what is this Berghain?

DANDY DIARY: Well, nothing special, a disco. Back to Antwerp. I heard you were denied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts as a student. Only one year later, when you attempted a second time you were accepted. Weren’t you mad as hell at those bastards for not wanting to take you in?

WALTER: No, no. I just wasn’t prepared well enough.

DANDY DIARY. Alright, well, your delayed studies obviously turned out to not be a huge issue. After all you were a part of the most acclaimed class in the history of fashion, the legendary “Antwerp Six”. Do you guys stay in touch?

WALTER: Of course. We still meet up and there is this wonderful relationship between us. But if you’re getting at us collaborating in the foreseeable future – that is not planned.

DANDY DIARY: Shouldn’t we also build a wonderful relationship with each other? We could for example go out tonight together. Do you have a recommendation for me here in Antwerp?

WALTER: There is loads of Champagne around here, just help yourself. No Problem. But I don’t really feel like going out in Antwerp. Then too many people want to talk to me. That annoys me. I love going out in Paris and Budapest though. Maybe we should try there at some point.

We ended up at this birthday party of a young fashion student that went completely off the rails. Without Walter – but as promised – with a lot of champagne.

See you in Paris, Walt!

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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