Interview: Dirk Schöneberger on “GALAXY Fashion Force”

Platforms, projects and institutions with the goal of facilitating and building young fashion designers sustainably are still a scarcity in Germany.

That’s why it’s the Samsung project with the super spacy name GALAXY Fashion Force is great news.

“Scouting talents, enhancing creativity and being able to learn from the experts within the industry”, that is the core idea of the project. The jury – consisting of Joachim Baldauf, and designer Dirk Schöneberger – selected five participants at a live casting where Berlin-based fashion design graduates presented their final collections.

Joachim Baldauf und Dirk Schönberger (Jury des GALAXY Fashion Force)

The five are now competing for a spot within the ADIDAS team of Dirk Schöneberger. Who will win the “jackpot” and “gets to” move to Herzogenaurach can be followed on the weekly, VICE-produced Webisodes.

In a shooting break we asked Global Creative Director Adidas Style Dirk Schöneberger a few questions about the project:

The Galaxy Fashion Force project is all about supporting young designers. Would you generally recommend going after this profession?

I would never recommend anyone to not pursue their dream. However, it is important to know that it is a very hard job. Behind all this glamour stands tough work. You spend loads of money, work through nights, and yet it’s not a guarantee for breaking through in the fashion business.

Usually you design fashion, this time you judge it. What are your main criteria for assessing the creations of the young fashion designers?

First of all I have to say that I was very positively surprised by how professional the work of the graduates is. They are finished collections that tell a story, it’s not individual pieces following upon each other. We have in the end chosen designs backed up by an emotion and where we could see an individual design aesthetic.

The five chosen students of the Galaxy Fashion Force had to create a mini collection under time pressure. What is more important, the idea or the technical precision and execution?

Difficult to say, it’s both important. If the idea is there but executed poorly I would think that the total will to produce a perfect product is lacking. However, a designer is not a bad designer because his sowing skills weren’t top notch. The rules have changed in the last years, I still had go through the torture of sowing myself.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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