Images: Dandy Diary Designer Quartett: 48 Hour Exhibition in Berlin

Last Tuesday we celebrated the exhibition opening for our 48-hour exhibition ‘Foursome’ in Berlin where we presented the original drawings of our DANDY DIARY DESIGNER FOURSOME.

Of course the places was packed with all the very important people. First and foremost Frank from iHeart-Berlin, who was later also kind enough to provide us with the pictures he took (thank you, thank you!).

As can be seen in the first photo we didn’t manage looking like proper gallery owners given all the hectic buzz surrounding the event. That is of course very sad. We’re promising to do better next time and are starting to look for our white Cashmere scarfs.

By the way, the gallery has been closed again in the mean time, the police left and the neighborhood has calmed down a little. Everything went smoothly, no official complaints. All Good!

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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