IheartBerlin x ARMEDANGELS: T-Shirt Collaboration (Hommage to Kreuzberg)

T-shirts, with Berlin-prints on them, are a difficult topic. Often it ends in a flashy porous-print of the television tower. A monument of bad taste.

That the opposite, a taste-full, less cliche-like and therefore stylish, way is possible, has been proven by the IheartBerlin and ARMEDANGELS collaboration. Perspective collages of buildings in Kreuzberg and real mountains in Argentina are printed on t-shirts. ‘Cross Mountain’ is the title of the mini-collection, that has 3 parts.

Literally ‘Kreuzberg’ translated into english means ‘cross mountain’ and this is what the collaboration is referring to, moreover to the allegorical transformation of the architecture found in Kreuzberg into the mountains. The only question that remains is, why the Argentinian mountains?

A reason for that could be Frank Schröder’s – the head of IheartBerlin – love for Argentina. The t-shirts with the tuneful name Mount Görli or Kottiwood, are available on ARMEDANGELS.



Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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