HUMMEL: 90th Anniversary in Copenhagen

We were just in Copenhagen to celebrate among other things the 90th birthday of the cool not-only-sports brand HUMMEL.

HUMMEL Capo Christian Stadl, a bald, brilliant entertainer, told everyone about the history of the brand, deservedly pet himself on the back for the cool Marketing project of sponsoring the Afghan women’s national team – and animated us to drink. Stadil said: “We should drink tonight. There are no excuses.”

Well, that’s what we ended up doing.

At some point we were lying on the floor completely shitfaced, on top of each other in front of a nightclub. No one really knows where, when and why. It doesn’t matter anyway.

The point we’re making here is: Happy Birthday HUMMEL, that was a blast! We’re already anxious about the 100th anniversary in ten years.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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