How Style Icon Nick Wooster lives in New York

Nick Wooster, style guru, shopper, tumblr-bestseller and last but not least a modern dandy, has given the ‘Bang & Olufsen’-magazine permission to take a look into his apartment on Christopher street in Greenwich Village.

Typically New York, there is not a lot of space in this flat, but Wooster knows how to handle it tastefully, of course. Next to big black and white photographs of young men, framed in black, which are placed on the floor, very post-modern, we also find his taste in military in his other interiors: an olive-colored pallet-sofa, out-woren fighting boots and a book in camouflage. 

The walls have been painted in grey, the books are organized vertically, his bike has its place in the flat and an antelope scull is used as an accessory. We see and understand: Nick Wooster has designed his place straight after the aesthetic rules of Tumblr. Well done!

Fotos: Robert Wunsch

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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