How Instagram influenced the fashion

There were times, when cameras were not allowed in fashion shows. The camera, it was belived, was not the right medium to represent fashion. Fashion was drawn and published weeks later as an illustration in the magazines.

Today every visitor of a fashion show is also a photographer. The first models step is done everybody lifts up his phone to the air to publish the picture within a few minutes on facebook and instagram.

Have you ever tried to take a good photo of a walking model? Impossible, most of the photos which overload all social media platforms during fashion week are out of focus, unasthetic and irrelevant because you cannot spot anything anyway. But fashion designers depend on good photos.

Because in the first way Fashion shows are pressevents. Fashion designers invest thousands of euros in lightning technology, so that the press is able to take high quality shots at the “media rise” form the presented collections. But every perfect light is not enought to take the best snapshot with your phone from frontrow.

At the AW-2014 Mens fashion shows some designers – in London (KTZ), Paris (DRIES VAN NOTEN) and Berlin (MADS DINESEN)- started to line up the models at the end of the runway after their final walk so every visitor was able to take a good picture of the collection without any problems. This reflects the influence of the over the years strenghtened photo sharing app instagram.

In the current issue of i:D Magazine you think about how fashion will be presented in the future. During AW 2014 Mens Fashion Shows you got an outlook for how fashion is presented to a large extent on what medium it is distributed.  


Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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