Homies-Sweater: Stoned Santa and Gang-Jesus


Even though, funny prints on jumpers and T-shirts, are definitely not funny, most of all they are actually crap, we find the ‘homies’-sweater by the hip L.A.-label UNDEFEATED and the also pretty cool L.A.-drawer MISTER CARTOON, pretty ok.

In the end, this will do with causing a little unease under the christmas tree: Jesus Christ and Santa Claus hugging like bro’s, one with a bottle of champagne, paunch and a joint, the other one presenting a gang-sign and looking stoned. Hihihi. Hohoho.

In case your parents are not trying to be really kool (what would make us feel really sorry),  they will hate it. That is the way it should be!

The sweater is available, for the affordable amount of 32 Dollars, right here.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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