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Autumn Jacket: BLACKMEANS Quilt-Kimono


We’ve already provided you with some opportunities to save room in your closet by combining two jackets into one

Another option to save space on your wardrobe is to simply use a jacket for two different occasions: for example Judo practice and that afternoon walk alongside the Elbe.

At least that’s the idea you get when looking at the beautiful Kimono jacket by BLACKMEANS. With its white quilts, and black, contrasted cuffs, and asymmetrical buttoning you’ll leave a smart impression both, backwards on a judo mat and while prancing around on a public holiday.

Disclaimer: Those of you who don’t practice Judo will of course also not be saving any closet space. However, you’ll be looking fantastic in the jacket. That’s got to be worth something as well.

 You can order the BLACKMEANS jacket here. If you are willing to invest 929 pounds, that is.

Von: Jakob





Simpsons: Streetwear-Makeover

We always wanted to see the Simpsons like this:

from head to toe in hyped streetwear-brands. Tommy Bates has put the heroes of his favourite comic-series in designs by Pigalle, Off-White, Supreme, BAPE, 10 Deep and other hip streetwear-labels.

The illustrator of Bart Simpsons, Ned Flanders, Comic Book Guy, Montgomery Burns, Homer Simpson and Moe Szyslak organized a streetwear-makeover for them. More illustrations by Bates can be found on his Instagram Account.





As if we didn’t have had enough to do, our party, fashion week, bell-bottoms and those alpacas, there was also a camera-team following us in the middle of january, from the favourite tv-channel of all smarties: ARTE.

Well, well – therefore there are again nice Dandy-videos (including porno-extracts), unseen pictures of our crazily-wild scandalous party and finally also a close-up of the alpaca ‘Ferdinand’ to watch. Already for the last part, it was already worth it.

And hey, this is ARTE. Not ProSieben. That is gratifying. Even for us extreme haters. 

You can watch the whole show here, for the next three months. Do it, homies, otherwise there is punishment!

P.S.: That we are in the very same show as the god of trouble and Liam-bro Noel Gallagher, is of-course nothing but the highlight of our career. 



C’est cool: Blinky Blinky Shoes

The last time, that blinky blinky shoes were that popular, was in the 90s.

Back then LA GEAR was ‘the shit’ with their blinking soles. Now, one MUST (!) have a pair of KangaROOS x Dandy Diary shoes, to be part of the cool kids in school and to not get beaten up by the others.

RAF SIMONS seems to have realized at the same time as us, that it is time for a revival of the shoes with the ‘blinky blinky’ element and designed the Adidas x Raf Simons Platfrom Lace shoes.

Who does not have enough cash to afford the RAF’s or ROOS (both not really cheap), can shop the, in-comparison cheap, alternative at TOPSHOP. A shoe, which sole is completly blinking.

The shoe-trend is going to be, that is our prognosis, causing 57% less traffic-accidents in 2015. Lights on!

Von: Julian



As usual terrifc setdesign at Henrik Vibskov!





New York Fashion Week: Hood by Air AW 2015

HOOD BY AIR presented their new collection ‘Daddy’ in a cellar-like setting at the Wall Street, the centrum of finance.

The mastermind behind HBA, Shayne Oliver, showed classics from the world of fashion, like button-down shirts, sweaters and polo t-shirts in the typical unisex Hood by Air Silhouette. Therefore it came to an hybrid between polo shirt and dress. Or camel coat and tank top.

The models wore locks in-front of their mouths and tights over their heads, like burglars. The soundtrack of the show, total freedom, was ended drastically, followed by jazz, underlined with the statement of the Empire:

“I wanna show you a faggot really can run this company”.

It becomes obvious how appreciated HBA is also in the art-world, when looking at the guests who attended the show, for example Klaus Biesenbach and Grace Coddington.

It seems that HBA, even after the diss by their once supporter A$AP ROCKY, is still very hip.