Hamburg-based fashion retailer STOFFSÜCHTIG bankrupt – writing bankruptcy diary

After the unfortunate news of HERR VON EDEN having to file for bankruptcy at the beginning of the month it has now hit another Hamburg-based fashion company. Fashion retailer STOFFSÜCHTIG where I used to frequently shop has had to file for bankruptcy as well.

Last weekend store managers Philip Kaczmarek and Alessandro De Pasquale had to clear out their shop in Hafencity.

Similar to Bent Angelo Jenssen from HERR VON EDEN the two also don’t want to surrender without putting up a fight. On the blog “It’s never the end!” Sandro and Kacze (I’m just going to call them that) report on the progress of the situation on a daily basis.

“Waiting for the insolvency administrator is definitely much worse than waiting for the Bus. Nervousness, emptiness, anxiety, hope, uncertainty – at the highest level! It’s a rollercoaster of feelings. What a challenge! Good music, countless cigarettes and being together make the situation bearable. Still: We’ve all got a short fuse. It could be anyone. The focus is on people with briefcase and an aura of administrative workers!”

We wish you success with sorting out the issue and setting up plans for the future. Cheers!

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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