When women cut their hair, it’s always got to do with the end of a relationship. Always. As far as I know there are no exceptions.

I also got rid of my long hair recently. It wasn’t because I broke off with anyone though. The incentive was a rare moment of clarity in front of the domestic mirror.

For a long time I couldn’t or didn’t want to realize that long hair does not have a positive effect on my outward appearance. But then in front of the mirror, I finally saw.

It’s always been my dream to look like Jared Leto in My So-Called Life or Curt Cobain when he was still with us. Like a keen ladies’ man. That’s why I grew my hair for two years. However, unfortunately I never turned into Kurt or Jared.

I looked like Jakob in 11th grade. Or Guenther Netzer. Not nice. I could do whatever I wanted, from wax to hair spray, to putting my hair behind my ears or into a pony tail.

That’s why the project “David with long hair” has been aborted for now. As a warning, or memory see the picture above: Me with two cute tails.

Image: Marlen Stahlhuth

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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