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Of course, we haven’t just designed a shirt and slammed you against the skull. No, of course, we have once again made ​​a film, to bring the idea of our SIGNUM x DANDY DIARY shirt closer.

And that’s the point: in Green Invasion, the Berghain bouncer Sven Marquardt, fashion journalist Jan Joswig, a goat, Prada Model Frederick Schaller, musician David Moon and a bunch of drunken punks worship a four-meter-high totem. They are celebrating an orgiastic, destructive and very peculiar exhibition – whose sanctuary can be only one thing: the DANDY DIARY x SIGNUM -shirt.

And who wants it a little deeper, more boring and conceptual, should quickly read, what we’ve written out of sheer bravado in our press release for the film: “The elusive unease about the hidden evil in the forest goes hand in hand with an already almost occult fascination for the beauty of the original, the microcosm of the forest, goes into the living and dying so unaffected by civilization. The forest is always a poetical vanishing point, which can serve as a refuge from the industrialized working society. The forest as a possibility is always present. “

Who is eligible under this more like not quite understandable surge has still not got it correctly, what it had to do with our shirt, read following remarks: “The forest is our world’s volatile desire for solitude, serenity and naturalness. With the shirt, we can carry this mysticism, as a living, moving tree into the urban areas of our city – and thus break the separation between nature and civilization, at least aesthetically. “

Yes, we’ve actually written that. But that, of course, doesn’t matter. Just watch “Green Invasion”, you’ll know what the point is – namely, Mad Max in the forest.


Von: Jakob





BREAD & BUTTER: The Insanity continues

A few seconds after the end of the fashion week in Berlin and the somehow related fashion convention, the press release arrived at the dandy house: ‘BREAD & BUTTER is going to take place in summer 2015′

Currently the BBB-head Karl- Heinz Müller is allowing online votes, about if the convention should take place in summer or not. The ending of the voting does not seem to be too important. His decision has been made.

We could not believe anyway, that the uber-boss Kalle M. is going to set his mind after some voting to decide. We more-so guess, that he is going to try to recreate his honour, after he had to cancel the BBB this january and his GmbH had to announce insolvency.

Müller says about the BBB-combeback: ‘We are working on the concept for july 2015, because we can not solve the challenge that is given in the industry with a conventional convention’

Anita Tillmann, of the competing convention PREMIUM, would agree with him on that for sure, since she once accused him‘They are not working on their concept and do not compromise with the needs of the local market.’

The main corner stone of the new BREAD & BUTTER-concept should be the following, according to Müller:

  • The location continues to be Berlin-Tempelhof
  • An earlier date for the same amount of days happening: Thursday until Saturday, 02. – 04.july 2015
  • Clear conceptions of modern clusters of different target groups
  • ‘Design & Agents Area’ for sales agencies for different target groups
  • ‘Lean Management & Production’, which makes the square-meter price much cheaper
  • Clearly defined sectors for invited specialized visitors (B2B)
  • Defined ‘Consumer Section’ for marketing activities of the brands & labels (B2C)
  • Largely planned evening-happenings like parties, concerts or festivals embedding the brands and sponsors
  • Embedding of more brands from the lifestyle section, outside of the fashion industry

Especially the split-up between the B2B – and the B2C-section, the integration of not-fashion brands and the very interesting dates (Thursday until Sunday!) are standing out. We are excited to observe, if the rest of the industry is going to go the same way.

The insolvency-consultant of the BREAD & BUTTER GmbH, Graf Brockdorff, is also carrying the reorientation: ‘For the relaunch, the needed financial support is given through investors.’

That would already be more, then at the last, the failed BREAD & BUTTER.

Welcome Back Kalle!

Von: Julian




No-Go: Coat Slinging!


A few years ago, streetstyle-experts started wearing their jackets or coats around their shoulders, instead of putting their arms through their sleeves. The technical term for that is ‘coat slinging’.

Recently, the german newspaper BUNTE (!) reported about the styling-trend. ‘Coat slinging’ therefore officially became a ‘no-go’. So: dear friends with good taste, please stick your arms in your sleeves from now on.

Because a sleeve without an arm, is like Justin O’Shea without Veronika, like Cara Delevigne without eyebrows: somehow not complete.

In 2008, Scott Schuman (aka: The Sartorialist) has revealed the first case of ‘coat slinging’ on his blog, afterwards an epidemic broke out, from which the fashion-world still has not recovered.

It has been enough: put your jackets on properly again! Otherwise you appear like a gay fashion-journalist from 2010 (who would put his arms into sleeves nowadays)

Von: Julian



As usual terrifc setdesign at Henrik Vibskov!