Great Shoes by Cherevichkotvichki

“I don’t have Pamela’s body, and not the face Courtney does, so I learned how to make shoes”, Victoria Andrejeva explains her career path.

London-based Victoria is behind the label, the name of which probably no one outside Eastern Europe will ever be able to pronounce correctly. Cherevichkiotvichki, that’s what she calls her shoe label. It’s old Slavic and means “a shoe by Victoria”.

Andrejeva finds inspiration in the simplicity of children’s shoes and soviet nostalgia. She combines glue, wax and sap to hand-stitched shoes with vintage charm, which made into the hippest boutiques on this planet.

You can find shoes by Cherevichkiotvichki at Dover Street Market, LN-CC, and at RA Store.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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