Gossip: Olivier Zahm is going to be a father – perhaps

The most libertarian of all fashion journalists, Olivier Zahm, is going to be a father! The place at least close to two images, which he recently published on the blog of his  “Purple” magazine. The pictures show his girlfriend Natacha Ramsay-Levi with a baby belly.

Whether the child is actually from  Olivier Zahm, however, might be a bit unsure. Zahm and Ramsay-Levi’s are, after all, leading an open relationship, according to their personal statement. Zahm calles it “La Communauté des Amants”, the community of lovers. We find it very good.

However, it didn’t always go well with the open love: two years ago, Ramsay-Levi briefly separated from tame to run away with her “lover”. Zahm wrote in a disturbingly open letter to his readers: “Right now I’m just a mess.”

Zahm, already 49 years old, has a seven-year-old daughter, whom he likes to show on his blog. Sometimes right next to pictures of naked Graces, or himself in the mirror, naked.

Anyways: congratulations to eventual paternity, but we hope that he pursues his sexual ambitions. Anything else would be boring after all. For us, as for him.


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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