Google Glasses on the Catwalk

During New York Fashion Week, Google glasses had their first appearance on the runway at the Diane von Furstenberg Spring/Summer 2013 Show. A surprise, since the american label is not really known for digital innovations. 

Some models were wearing the Google glasses and, at the very end, even Miss Furstenberg herself did so too. Susie Bubble, who was there – unlikely us – said Furstenberg seemed a little distracted, but that could possibly be a side-effect of her new glasses. 

There is also a movie, which shows the last preparations for the show and the final walkthrough through the eyes of Furstenberg. But to be honest, the movie is quite disappointing since there is no digital firework as we expected. 

Fashion Queen Furstenberg could also wear a helmet cam, the results would have been the same. But see for yourself: 

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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