Good Read: “The new Dandys – Between Geek and Gentleman”

MANAGER MAGAZINE seldom deals with such irrelevant topics as fashion and aesthetics but have now given some thought to the originator of our name, the dandy.

Author Maren Hoffman says:

“The concept of dandy is proclaimed dead as often as it is called a trend. They do exist however: Men that put an equal amount of importance on form as much as content while also admitting to it.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that we got to contribute our quite un-dandy two cents:

“Carl Jakob Haupt who successfully runs German men’s fashion blog Dandy Diary together with David Kurt Karl Roth sums it up a little harsher: “You can be old and fat and still be a dandy.” A lot of things have already been said about Haupt’s blog when looking at the Google auto fill search – “Dandy Diary Pool Party” is ranked fourth. Not only the parties are legendary, but also their fashion porn the duo had produced, and the stunt where they sent a streaker on a runway.”

Read the entire dandy article here.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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