Good Read: Shalom Fashion

Just recently we directed your attention at a Jewish-Orthodox-inspired photo series. Currently there is a great article on Shalom Fashion in the Austrian  newspaper Standart.

They are writing about JEAN PAUL GAULTIER who for the first time used Jewish clothes in a fashion context in 1993. The French Ex-provocateur made the models look like ultra orthodox Jewish men in his collection “Chosen People”. They were wearing shtreimels, the distinctive orthodox fur hats.

Furthermore, fashion blogs by Orthodox Jews and additional examples of “Fusion Couture” are presented. The paragraph mentioning Dandy Diary has the following headline sitting atop:

But are they allowed to do that?

“Orthodox fashion has arrived in the innovative blogs. The ever-daring German men’s fashion blog Dandy Diary at least embraces the hipness of Jewish Fashion. David Roth, one half of the blogger duo combines a wide-brimmed hat he’s bought at traditional Jerusalem joint Ferster Hats, with casual athletic wear and shoes of a Korean designer.”

And the Standart editor’s conclusion about the morale is as follows:

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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