Good Read: Seapunk

Seapunk is the new shit. This is Jane Wayne is the first medium in Germany, picking up this cross-cultural trend within a fashion context. Li Edelkoort – the mother of all trend scouts – would surely be proud of the Janes. We are anyway.

In the article very much worth reading, Trend: From Underground to Mainstream – Sea Punk the origins of the trend are being explored, the protagonists in the scene are being named and you’ll get an explanation what defines the Sea Punk style.

“Nicky Minaj poses with blue body-paint in Vogue. Katie Perry is wearing a turquois bob, just like Lady Gaga. Rihanna confuses us with a TV performance that is filled with little ocean features, Azealia Banks is bouncing through her newest video Atlantis with green hair, while surfing on dolphins and high waves. Luxury label Proenza Schouler are featuring pixelated computer landscapes and Flipper’s twin brother. Coincidence? Of course not.”

You can read the entire article on Seapunk here at This is Jane Wayne.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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