Good Read: “Rather Doru Oluwo Instead of Prada and Gucci”

Suzy Menkes the International Herald Tribune fashion critic highly regarded by us, outlined a new subject at the annual “Luxury Conference”: Africa.

That is quite remarkable having in mind that the entire luxury industry is currently looking to emerging market economies such as Brasil, India, and China. Africa is only on few people’s radar.

“Africa has a brilliant future ahead”, Silvia Fendi, co-creative head at Fendi together with Karl Lagerfeld, leader of fashion event Alta Roma and incarnation of an Italian pulling the strings, states enthusiastically. The motto should therefore be: “More trade than aid” says Jochen Zeitz, who is the chairman of the sustainability program at Puma and has a private home in Kenia.

“Luxury was devaluated for a long time as some kind of commodity, serving the purpose of demonstrating to society one’s personal wealth”, says Suzy Menkes. True luxury, Menkes states, however has, above all, a human side that connects craftsmanship and quality with sensual joy. The term of “Human Touch” as a true value enhancement that Suzy brings into the discussion is being gratefully picked up by many speakers.

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Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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