Good Read: “Provocative Fashion Punks” (Die Welt)

“Die Welt” named our small, more or less fine blog “recommended website of the week”.

Below the rather plain title “Provocative Fashion Punks” the author briefly lays out some of our most disgusting projects (the porno, the golden shower, the Christmas song). Jakob Wais writes:

“(…) the bloggers choose drastic measures and deliberately provoke to spread their philosophy. Unsurprisingly that creates not only friends: According to the bloggers they are currently facing 13 filed complaints amounting to a sum of half a million Euros. Apart from extraordinary fashion advice and aesthetically borderline styles you can find cunny writing and excessive parties on Dandy Diary, the bloggers host themselves. In spite of party and craziness the authors are proving a superb sense of style. Not only worth checking out for men.”

Of course we absolutely agree – and since the release of our first single we have been noticing a steep increase of female readers. Must be the haircuts.

You can find the entire article “Provocative Fashion Punks” here (in German) here.


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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