Good Read: “Partying until the show begins” (FAZ)

FAZ editors Alfons Kaiser, Jennifer Wiebking, and Florian Siebeck attended a few fashion week parties. Only for ‘testing purposes’ as they claim. Right. They also came to the Dandy Diary Squat House Party.

Did Alfons Kaiser, the German, masculine version of Suzy Menkes mingle in with the crazy punk crowd? We’ll be doing some research.

This is what the FAZ journalists experienced at our officially unofficial opening party.

“It’s something like the unofficial opening party of fashion week. Early Tuesday morning it seems like the fashion week ended before it’s actually started, because the party only ended only a few hours before the opening show. It’s only the fourth time the party of men’s fashion blog “Dandy Diary” is taking place but it’s already a classic – at least among those who don’t pay so much attention to sticking to the schedule…”

You can find the whole article “Partying until the show starts” over at our highly estimated colleagues of the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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