I have always wanted to be in a book titled “Cool Aussehen” (Looking Cool). My childhood dream has now finally come true. I was interviewed for the new release of Cool Aussehen – Mode & Subkulturen (Looking Cool – Fashion & Sub Cultures) already two years ago.

Diana Weis who published the book together with the Archiv der Jugendkulturen asks me, among other things, about the initially drastic visualizations on Dandy Diary:

On Dandy Diary you are ruthless to fashion victims: A colleague throws up in a tote bag, you have someone shit on your V-neck t-shirt, and in the series My Fashion Victims you appear as a martial avenger who slaughters hipsters in Berlin-Mitte. What are you trying to say?

Those series are very provocative, many people show negative reactions in response. I want to get people to more consciously deal with fashion and be informed better. I condemn people thinking they are close to fashion but in reality are just chasing trends. There is nothing more drastic than killing someone for wearing the wrong clothes. It’s the most radical form of fashion review there is.

You can find more questionable opinions of mine, 250 photos, piles of great articles on the subject of youth cultures in ‘COOL AUSSEHEN’. Weiß and her team comprising of 22 authors write about the youth cultures of, poppers, rocker, punks, fashion, metal heads, lolitas, emos, and many other things.

The book can be bought for 36€ online and in book stores. If you would like to read an interview with publisher Diana Weiß check out Interview Magazine.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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