Good Read: Interview with Wiktor Strand Hansson

Model and blogger Wiktor Strand Hansson is an curious and exceptional talent. A being that seems to have transcended the concept of gender. For FashonDailyTV we did a portrait on the androgynous egocentric. Click here to gawk.

The majority of the photos the Swede publishes on The Wiktor Diet could be printed directly into a magazine. In an interview Marlen Stahlhuth from Paperboats did with him we were impressed to find out that the blogger produces his photo series on his own – Styling to photo.

Who does the photos on your blog?
I shot, style, do the make up/hair, model(obviously) and edit all the pictures seen in the blog.

How did the name „Wiktor Diet“ come into place?
Well, when I started the blog, at the time at blogspot, it was mainly written for my family. I was travelling extensively for work, and wanted to share my experience with them. They’re all into health and sport, so it was an ironic way of saying that my blog should be put into their daily diet.

You can read the entire interview that also deals with favorite designers, experiences in the model industry and blogger networks over at Paperboats.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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