Good Read: Feinstoffliches Fingerspitzenwissen

Yohji Yamamoto recently came to Berlin for a few events, among others a fashion show during which the Japanese designer presented highlights of his work worth 30 years. Check here.

An FAZ journalist had the opportunity to meet Yamamoto during his stay in Berlin. In “Feinstoffliches Fingerspitzenwissen” she very personally and meticulously describes her meeting with the Japanese legend.

It ranges from Yamamoto’s low key whispering that is taken on by FAZ journalist Verene Lueken during the interview as well, to to Yamamoto giving the journalist’s jacket an expert feel.

In the interview Yamamoto talks about his anticipation of ageing, the acceleration of the fashion cycle, first trips to Europe, women’s bodies and tight schedules.

“Yamamoto is an artist that is in controversy with itself and at its core. His fashion is very expensive but does not target a glamorous audience. Those people who are supposed to wear his clothes, often can’t afford them. However, once you hold a piece in your hand, a shirt or a dress, a pair of pants, a jacket, or a coat, then they will stay with you for years, or even decades. From that perspective they are not expensive anymore.

You can read the entire article over at our estimated colleagues from FAZ.

Image: Andreas Pein

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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