Good Read: Fashion and the Power of the Pulpit

The Italian fashion industry has so far been known for their bling bling designers such as ROBERTO CAVALLI, DOLCE&GABBANA, and VERSACE but what will the future bring?

Fashion journalist Suzy Menkes believes she is recognizing a shift towards an Italian fashion that will convince with understatement rather than kilos of rhinestone-laden garments.

Menkes has taken a closer look at the collections of the young talents at the “Who is on Next?” awards in Rome. The reason for the new minimalist approach Suzy Menkes see in Pope Franziskus in her great New York Times article Fashion and the Power of the Pulpit. A man who is noticed for being humble and not for his PRADA shoes.

If Rome wasn’t built on one day, says Menkes, it is also not realistic that the change in Italian fashion will happen over night, However fashion is also always a mirror – for society and time.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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