Good Read: Essentials // What men want (This is Jane Wayne)

Our favorite friends from THIS IS JANE WAYNE recently informed us about their new category where they ask befriended friendly friends of theirs about fashion topics. We got to do the kick off, answered a few dodgy questions on girls’ fashion and put together a red-hot girls’ outfit from different online shops.

“When you ask the guys form Dandy Diary for their opinion, there is one prerequisite: Don’t take it all too seriously. Fashion is supposed to be fun and provoke at times – Jakob and David did so with their Fashion Porn, their smash hit Chirstmas Time, or just recently My Girl, at their legendary Fashion Week Parties, or simply on a daily basis on Dandy Diary. Two kittens that like to go overboard on the media sometimes and polarize. Again, you should never take them too seriously though, because they are the last to do so themselves.

JW: Now for real though guys: Who is the best dressed woman and should serve more as a source of inspiration for us?

Dandy Diary: For us, personality is more important than nice outfits, so our focus is primarily on the inner beauty of women. Beautiful from the inside and very suitable to draw inspiration from we find Karlie Kloss for example. And of course the eternal-inner-beauty-queen Victoria Beckham. And Kate Upton, that is also carrying a huge load of beauty.

Here’s the complete interview.


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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