Good Read: “Die Nackflitzer von Dandy Diary”

Before taking a flight from Paris to Berlin I did a Skype interview with a sexy journalist from Tagesspiegel to talk about our #fashionooball project. The Tagesspiegel Artikel Die Nacktflitzer von Dandy Diary is our Good Read of the Day.

Here’s a couple of lines from the article we will get framed and put up above our Dandy Diary canopy bed:

“In a fun and authentic way they introduce the topic of fashion to new contexts. The fact that they have gotten themselves into massive trouble hopefully won’t stop them from following that same path.”

“Their texts are honest and straight-forward, the content not paid for by random brands, and their stunts around it are as brave as there are genius.”

You can read the entire article at Tagesspiegel.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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