Good Read: “Dandy Diary: Germany’s coolest men’s fashion blog” (Der Standard)

Because we’re completely full of ourselves and can’t get enough of hearing how awesome, beautiful and rich and famous and (obviously!) cool we are, we’ve now also started reading Austrian daily newspaper DER STANDARD.

Here’s why. DER STANDARD has written a gushy article about our small protest blog with an exclusive readership of bored internet kids – DANDY DIARY. In the article that is already totally nailing the headline with “Dandy Diary: Germany’s coolest fashion blog” the Austrians are writing about us Krauts:

“Cheeky as hell, crazy outfits and an actual opinion – Men’s fashion blog “Dandy Diary” is also very popular among women. (…) “Dandy Diary”, Germany’s coolest fashion blog is bringing back something we have dearly missed for a long time already: The anarchic fun, self-ironic depiction, love for the eccentricity, the awareness that fashion feeds off strong opinions.”

It goes without saying that this is like a Mozart Symphony played by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra to our ears.

To find out which outfit we’re recommending the readers of DER STANDARD, how many women really read our blog and why we were gracing the title pages of all Italian newspapers you can and should – here you go – head over to our new favorite newspaper.

We’re going to go ahead now and jerk each other off: to this article, to this headline, and first and foremost to ourselves.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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