Good Read: “All inclusive and without a condom”

The other night I was sitting on my bed, half-naked (the lower half was the naked one), and was skyping with Natalie. Everything I said was to be used against me later because Natalie abused the intimate conversation for her blog “Selbstdarstellungssucht” (Show-off addiction).

In the interview I explain why I studied politics and am now writing about fashion (Sex), whether I really always have to be shocking at all times (no) and whether I prostitute myself (yes).

And then I even say something cheeky like this:

“Just recently we found out that we are the most expensive German fashion blog. For a blog entry with us you can buy about five with the colleagues. That makes us the Ferrari among the blogs. Not beautiful, but expensive – and awesome!”

You can read the entire interview with me the half-naked Dandy.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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