Good Read: A$AP Rocky on the fusion of High Fashion and Hip Hop

Given the sneakers collaboration of rapper A$AP Rocky and Jeremy Scott Dazed&Confused interviewed the US rapper. It deals not only with the ugly shoes with the wings, but also with A$AP’s general view on all things fashion.

Funnily enough the rapping style icon explains that back then, in his hood in Harlem it was quite dangerous wearing Jeremy Scott. We get that. A$AP Rocky also mentions the Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2014 show showcasing a fusion of Hip Hop and high fashion. The “Parental Advisory” claim (known from Eminem’s Slim Shady LP) was printed on transparent tops.

Find out why A$AP Rocky believes that fashion is arts, and why he doesn’t see himself as a designer in the interview:

Dazed Digital: You’ve said to press before that you don’t have aspirations to be a fashion designer, but after collaborating with Jeremy on these shoes, is it something that you’re thinking about?

A$AP Rocky: I’m always down to collab’, but as far as me becoming a professional designer, I don’t even have the ability or the talent. You’ve got to know how to sketch; you’ve got to know your materials. I wouldn’t disrespect the culture like that. I’m just a consumer and a fan, and that’s all there is. I’ve got a couple of cool ideas and that’s when I collab’, other than that I’m not a fashion designer.

You can read the whole thing over at Dazed&Confused.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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