Good Read: A Queer History of Fashion

Why are all successful fashion designers gay?

Of course there are exceptions but the majority of influential designers is homosexual. Why?

A question that is very interesting but has never been asked publicly – it is deemed inappropriate talking about it.

Valerie Steele deals with it in her book “A Queer History of Fashion”. Dazed&Confused did an interview with the author given the publishing of her book.

The book mentions two reasons why gay people historically have a special relationship with fashion:

“So I think gays and lesbians had to be hyper aware of how to read and analyse clothes so as to dress in a way that would allow them to communicate with other people but not to be recognised by a homophobic society.”

“I think another aspect is that fashion is one of the so-called ‘artistic’ professions. And gays have been involved in a lot of those. Once gay people started to work in the fashion industry it started the beginnings of a more welcoming setting for other gays to enter into.”

A “Queer History of Fashion” is also about history, as you can guess from the title. Were there times, where the fashion world wasn’t dominated by homosexual designers? The book also investigates whether fashion design is influenced by the sexual orientation, or if there is even a gay aesthetic.

The book very much worth reading can be ordered here. The interview can be found over at Dazed Digital

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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