GIVENCHY: “Seventeen” watch by Riccardo Tisci

Riccardo Tisci who we very recently praised for his strong Pre-Spring 2014 collection designed a highly redundant and unexciting watch collection for GIVENCHY. Actually the word collection is flat out hyperbole. The watch named “Seventeen” is available in four different color ways.

We obviously prefer the black one over the rest but are generally very unimpressed by the pieces. Oh well. Let’s wait and see. Maybe there will be additional designs in the future.

At least we can be relieved that Tisci didn’t have one of those hideous shark or Rottweiler heads printed on the dial.

P.S.: In case you don’t give a shit about our opinion: At Colette you can order the watch for a mere 630€.


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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