Givenchy Pre-Autumn 2012: chavvy Print-Shirts

Riccardo Tisci isn’t really all that good at menswear these days. The tops from Resort-Collection 2013 were relatively creepy and the new interpretation of chavvy Rottweiler shirts even made it to “Must-Not-Haves of the Summer”.

And now the chief designer of Givenchy spits out a nasty extension of a nasty enough as it is printed-shirt-collection.

 The motives remind us more of fun fair t-shirts and heavy metal village discos than of high fashion or even anything like it.

No idea what’s up with Tisci. Anyway, we can only recommend to spend the 320,- dollars that you would have to shell out for such a shirt on something rather useful, cool and hip. Five grams of cocaine, for instance.

EDIT: Sometimes it happens that David and I simultaneously and without being aware of it write and article on the same topic. Like this one, for instance. Oh well, stuff happens. Now there are two texts about it – after all, we both find Givenchy shirts equally lame. Also nice, this communal hate. Here is a link to David’s article.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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