GIVENCHY – Accessories – Fall/Winter 2013

Those of you who have always wanted to have a leather wallet that is ridiculously expensive and looks like wood, look no further. You can get one this Fall/Winter from GIVENCHY.

We really don’t recommend it though because who needs a second tree trunk in his pants? (hohoho).

Besides, head designer Riccardo Tisci is offering his usual Rottweiler head again. This time printed on a backpack, but it was already to much two seasons ago when it was everywhere getting on our nerves already then. We really just don’t wanna see it anymore Ricc!

Let’s get on with it: That roadkill of a rat, a clutch according to GIVENCHY, looks shitty, too – and we’re wondering: Who on earth would clip that to their belts? We wouldn’t that’s for sure.

Unfortunately this accessory collection is far from cool. Too bad, we would have loved to be able to wish for loads of GIVENCY stuff from Santa.


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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