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Rumor: SUPREME Are Working on a Basquiat Collection

British magazine HUH claims to have found out about American streetwear-brand SUPREME having secured the rights to paintings by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

It’s rather unlikely SUPREME would do that for the sole purpose of making a few copies for home-use. It’s rather likely however, that the brand will launch Basquiat Collection right on time for the Spring/Summer 2013 season.

We’re already getting excited – for two reasons:

Firstly, the awareness for SUPREME has increased to an extent in the past two months that it’s not really cool anymore. A huge amount of assholes are running around with SUPREME caps and other logo-print stuff by now.

Secondly, the dandy Basquiat is one of our absolute favorite artists – also, just like all our idols, slept with Madonna at some point. For one of his paintings we’d easily sell our entire wardrobe. Speaking of which, the artist with the crazy dreadlocks preferably painted his work in ARMANI suits – not some random street-wear.

By the way, SUPREME wouldn’t be the first brand to use Basquiats paintings: REEBOK, VALENTINO, and UNIQLO had done the same before. Let’s see whether SUPREME can find a new angle here.

Basquiat in a ARMANI suit in front of his artwork



Von: Jakob




QUIZ: Which fashion-blogger loves it to smell Asses and earns 15.000,- Dollar per Month?

Quiz-question: which fashion-blogger is unable to write a full sentence, is licking his own asshole everyday and still earns more money than you, who has an abhorred office-job (about 15.000,- Dollar per month)?

No, it is not Sami Slimani – he owns more. And it is not Jessica Weiß - she knows how to write (and does not lick her own ass, as far as we know).

It is Bodhi. And different from Sami Slimani, Bodi is a dog.

The dog earns about 15.000,- Dollar per month with fashion-blogging. And all of that, just because his owner had the world-greatest-ideam to put men’s clothes on the dog – and than had the brilliant idea, to make a blog out of it.

Fashion brands as AMERICAN APPAREL, GANT and ASOS are paying hundreds of dollars, so that Bodhi is wearing their clothes. Well, if nobody else does it (besides maybe Sami - here for example).

We are definitely picking up role-models, looking at the top-earners Bodhi and Sami and are starting to smell our own assholes again. Maybe then we are finally going to have the style and the money.

Von: Julian







This dog earns much more than you and looks better in contemporary menswear. Life isnt fair at all. Find out more about this 15k month earning dog on

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