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What’s the crack!?!?!

Before fashion week started in Berlin, and all it’s  exhausting parties, I went to New York City. For our favourite sport-shoe-designer NIKE. There, the launch of the brand-new KD 7 was celebrated.

On the last day of my US-trip I had a little spare time, and decided to have a stroll through the trend-district Bushwick. I was wearing a falling-apart straw-hat. Also known as circular saw.

With that a dark-blue twin-set by G-STARAdidas x Opening Ceremony shoes and a necklace, out of a chair leg (!!!), which I found in a second-hand store in Tokyo.

The pictures of me and my new Bushwick buddies were taken by Mr. Michael Moser. A photographer who lives in New York, and who’s international break-through, we are very sure, is soon to come.

This way, to see the first series, which we produced together in New York.

Von: Julian



New Interview-session: Dandy Talks

That a technical instrument is inspiring to me, happens almost never to never. The last time must have been in 1998, when I bought a pocket vagina, which inspired me to have a romantic, twelve-seconds-lasting tête-à-tête. Afterwards there was not much. All in general.

But that has changed. For my new cell phone (Xperia Z2 by Sony) I got a brand new microphone (view the picture above) with which I have been running around the streets of Berlin, just to show it to all kind of friends and to understand every sophistical sentence. The advantage: Different from the classic cell-phone audio recording, one understands stuff. Crazy! That is 2014!

And the stuff that I heard, simply was the best. My friends seem to be the smartest people on earth. Therefore it would be nothing but rude, not to share it with the rest of the world.

And just like that we are talking about inspiration again: Inspired by the cleverness of my friends, there is going to be a short-interview series here at Dandy Diary, called ‘Dandy Talks’, in which illustrious people like the flirt-legend Philip von Mollenkott or barkeeper-legend Quid Haden are sharing their tips and advises in what they do best. One can be - yes ! - excited.

Von: Julian



La Familia: Lanvin FW 2014 Campaign

Next to KENZOLANVIN is currently the fashion-house, which is entertaining us with their very amusing campaigns, season to season.

Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz is interrupting a shooting per Sykpe, to leave his comment, then in another campaign he lets models dance to Pitbull’s ‘I want you want me’ in a posh hotel.

In his latest campaign, he concentrates on the ‘model-of-the-moment’ Edie Campbell, or on her family.

In the video and on the pictures of the campaign, you can see Campbells mother, father, sister, brother and a wild bunch of cousins. Our favourite: her brother Arthus, who’s mullet is longer than Toni Garrn’s legs.

The family-history is showing a reference to the ‘mother / daughter / logo’ by Lanvin. In the campaign-video, which is three minutes long, one can see the family-members playing soccer, hugging each other or just babble along. And, not to forget, the horse of Edie Campbell. Like in all Lanvin videos, also the chubby Elbaz has his scene.

The campaign was shot – as one realises quickly because of the set – by the visionary Tim Walker. Guy Stephens was responsible for the video.



Next Level Yeezus





Anniversary: 1 Year Anniversary “Herr von Eden Studio”

Bent Angelo Jensen, HERR VON EDEN

Chilly Gonzales in HERR VON EDEN

Vergangene Woche hat der Hamburger Herrenschneider HERR VON EDEN (HvE) das einjährige Bestehen seines Ateliers gefeiert. In ebendiesem Atelier können sich gewillte Dandies die HvE-Anzüge passgenau auf den neoliberal konditionierten Körper schneidern lassen.

Um Erfolg und Geburtstag der Maßschneiderei zu feiern, lud HvE-Chef Bent Angelo Jensen in den großen Atelier-Raum am Großneumarkt, schenkte ordentlich Drinks aus, trank selber den ein oder anderen und ließ den Pianisten Chilly Gonzales auftreten. Der rappte und spielte Klavier, erklärte den Unterschied zwischen Dur und Moll, improvisierte, herrschte laute Zuhörer an, stampfte auf den Bühnenboden und feuerte am Ende seines Sets das vierköpfige Streicher-Quartett. Es war also: ganz große Klasse!

Wir wünschen dem HvE-Atelier weiterhin alles Gute und freuen uns schon jetzt, wie das nun mal in unserer Event-geilen Zeit so ist, auf den nächsten Geburtstag.

Mehr Fotos vom Geburtstagskonzert gibt’s übrigens auf der Facebook-Seite von HERR VON EDEN.

Unpassend sportlich gekleideter Dandy Diary-Jakob

Blonder Gast mit interessantem Gürtel


Bent Angelo Jensen und eine Freundin

Tim Neugebauer in Junya Watanabe Comme des Garcons Men

Rauchende und saufende Gäste

Cellist in HERR VON EDEN



Von: Jakob