G-SESSIONS Finale in Berlin

Yesterday the G-SESSION finale took place.

The power station of berlin turned into a disneyland for G-SHOCK fans: desirable watches in glass closets, gigantic ‘G-sculptures’, Hip Hop beats, free drinks.

Kikuo Ibe – the founder of G-SHOCK himself – called the winner of the G-SESSIONS. All other Europe, the election took place, in the end a sketch (picture on top) by Nikita Vilkin Yarutskiy from St.Petersburg, Russia, won. The winner is one of the most famous action-sport photographer in Russia.

‘It was important to me, that my sketch also shows the influence of the skateboard-world, especially the process of overcoming your own fear is a central aspect ‘, adds the winner about his source of inspiration. 

 Later – after the winner-announcement – the crowd was whipping to beats by GENETIKK, DJ STYLEWARZ and DJESKEI83, and every now and then an arm went up in the air, in combination with people smoking fat splifs, all in all: pure entertainment !

More information about the G-SESSION creativity contest and all its designs , here.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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