Fusion: Hip Hop x High Fashion

The borders between hip hop and fashion are getting more and more blurry.

While hip hop stars in the 90s were mainly drawing attention with baggy pants and heavy gold chains today you have rappers like A$AP Rocky, Kanye West, Zebra Katz, or TK defining the new Hip Hop look.

They wear fashion insider labels such as RICK OWENS, HBA, KTZ, GIVENCHY, JUUN. J,  or RAF SIMONS. And they are slowly shedding the macho attitude of the hip hop past. The fear of femininity.

A fashionable-avant-garde  look, just like a sea of evangelists on instagram,  seems to be a prerequisite for the new generation rap.

We talked about the fusion of hip hop and high fashion with up and coming rapper TK who we also flew in for our Dandy Diary POOL PARTY, and New Yorker photographer Kevin Amato during London Fashion Week.



Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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