Freddy Fischer X Chelsea Farmer’s Club

Those who were at our Fashion Week Opening Party in Berlin in January and asked themselves who those well dressed gentlemen in red ties were, would have soon found out: they were neither David nor me.

Guys in classically cut suite were more Freddy Fischer & His Cosmic Rocktime Band. And since the band had a highly celebrated, wild performance not only at our party, but also isn’t supposed to look as torn apart as all the other bands on this planet, a top Berlin based shop Chelsea Farmer’s Club neatly took care of that and tailored some gala clothing for the guys.

We like them. Both Farmer’s Club and Freddy and his beat-boys. The latter have also freshly released an LP called “Dreimal um die Sonne”.

Everyone who has (even nearly) good – aesthetical as well as musical – taste should buy the record asap. More casual seventies-disco-Schlager-soul is definitely nowhere to be found. A more casual band name either.


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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