Four-legged models at ACNE

ACNE is letting dogs model. That animals serve humans and their fashion as mannequins is not a novelty, says Katja from Les Mads. The most recent example would be United Bamboo who had cats pose for their Cat Calender 2013.

When animals or kids act as models it’s usually time for the moral declinists to show up. Is it okay to put clothes on dogs? Is the humanizing of animals morally justifiable?

It goes without saying that it’s ingrained in a dog to be part of the ACNE Spring/Summer 2013 collection. However, being a dog in the spotlight is probably not the worst a dog can go through. Fate that surely is less fun:

Stray dog in Bukarest, or ingredient in the stew pot in Bejing.

Also, the dogs in the ACNE campaign are the photgrapher’s (William Wegman) very own. We’re sure, that Wegman is taking good care of the dogs. Surely there will be a bowl with delicatessen waiting for the luxurious dogs when their work is done.

More dogs, more looks, more everything:


Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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