Florenz X Instagram X Birthday Suit

Yesterday morning I went to Florence for a short Lust, relaxation, gourmet, and scent trip. To make our Instagram followers as jealous as possible regarding my glamorous lifestyle, I took a photo from the window of my spacious hotel suite.

The photo shows the world-famous bridge ‘Ponti di Vecchio’  which spreads right underneath my window. It seems like you could see something else in the picture though, which I didn’t notice on my small iPhone display: There is a reflection of the photographer in the window, i.e. me.

Since I unfortunately forgot to pack any underwear and because I felt quite homey and comfortable in my suite I was naked. Butt.

That was apparently visible in the reflection.

And that Instagram didn’t like. They deleted the photo and gave us a warning.

Maybe I should clean my display to be able to see such small details.

Anyway: The now professionally censored photo can now be seen here on our blog. Credit where credit is due.

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To get over the fee of an Instagram warning I am going to go have a Cappucino now. And a grappa.

And then I will go shop for underwear.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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