Florence: Please come smell SALVATORE FERRAGAMO

It’s tricky with winter. It can really make you resent your home country sometimes. It’s easier for the Italians: for them winter starts later and stops earlier. Instead they have a longer summer. Unfair!

It goes without saying that I didn’t even hesitate for a Nano second when fashion label SALVATORE FERRAGAMO invited me to Florence to spend some late summer days there. The only condition: I would have to smell the company’s new perfume.

No problem. Nothing easier than that.

Well, that’s what I did then. Smell the perfume named Aqua Essenziale.

The smell was somehow dynamic, I thought during the presentation – but was then corrected that its head note smells of lime while its base note has an elegant scent. Alright then. I just believed the experts since I am sort of a newcomer in the perfume industry.

Anyway, the bottle has an awesome color: Light blue. Just like the November sky above Florence.

However, smelling fragrances isn’t a day-long activity so I had the chance to befriend my international colleagues, stroll with them through the city, eat way too much pasta and drink the most delicious red wine from Ferragamos very own vineyard. Naturally, that was very nice.

Seven things I also learnt during that trip:

1) I want to escape the German start of winter every year from now on – to Florence, obviously.

2) Beauty editors are a lot more elegantly dressed then fashion editors.

3) Half of Florence belongs to the Ferragamos.

4) Bomber jackets don’t really fit into the evening dress category “smart chic”.

5) “Aqua Essenziale” is the perfect Christmas present for my brother.

6) At the perfume session only green beginners like me keep waving with that strip under their nose, the experts hold it approximately one centimeter away from their nose with a static grip, smelling with a lot of focus without any noticeable movement.

7) Marilyn Monroe exclusively wore eleven-centimeter high FERRAGAMO shoes. But of those very many.

It is therefore fair to say that my pre-winter Florence trip was an educational trip. And all that without retired high school teachers. Brilliant!

Images: Milosh Harajda (Pavleye Art and Culture), Salvatore Ferragamo

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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