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We Find Super: Kerbholz Sunglasses

We are the two real wild boys. We love hallucinogenic mushrooms, women with armpit-hair, fox fur, shirts with leaf-print and wooden sunglasses. 

Fur is to be found in grandma’s wardrobe, shirts – in Voo Store, mushrooms in Amsterdam, hairy women in Urban Outfitters and the sunglasses at Kerbholz

They’re called Ferdinand, Justus, Leopold and Alfons, they’re all made of pure wood and can be purchased in Kerbholz Onlineshop and selected stores. Beheind the Kerbholz project there are four students from Cologne. Our favorite model, by the way, goes by the sonorous name of Leopold: 


Von: David




The already overdue Proof: The ADILETTES-Trend is over

Certified herewith, it finally seems to be over, the very-relaxed-ironic (and of-course also by-us publicised to the limit) adilettes-look, which, if possible, you wear in the most obnoxious ways (with a suit- hihihi, in winter – hihihi, to your sisters wedding – hihihi, to Yom Kippur – hihihi).


On this picture, the smoochy singer Sascha ‘Sasha’ Schmitz, who was already out, before we even had pubic hair, is wearing adilettes with a smoking. Therefore it is official and very clear: the adilettes-look has reached the deepest and worst low of mainstream – and is celebrated there with a twinkling smile. There is nothing worse.

Whoever is still serious (hihihi) about wearing ADIDAS-bathing-shoes, has not understood anything and should be punished with having to listen to Sasha’s new album for three days.

Von: Julian







ADIDAS x BARBOUR Country Jacket